​What it means to Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Whether you know it or not your skin sheds daily and exfoliating insures you don’t create any skin issues. No matter what your skin type is exfoliating will benefit you!

  • Dry skin: Exfoliating will help remove the pile up of flaky skin giving you more vibrant skin.
  • Oily Skin: Exfoliating helps to clear your pores of excess build up helping prevent acne.

Now there are multiple ways to exfoliate but we are keeping it simple and discuss exfoliating with scrubs.

You can choose between a gentle daily scrub or you can use a more coarser scrub to use at least once a week , it has so many benefits. Of course you want to ensure you have quality products so your skin is only absorbing nutrients and not a bunch of chemicals.

Since you skin naturally creates new skin you don’t want to have build up and then waste your product on dead skin. A lot of people would be surprised at how their skin isn’t really as dry as they think. As well as they will see less and less acne and have smoother skin. Your products are able to do what you bought them to do and you can live happily ever after with clean and clear skin!

** Side note daily use of a course scrub or a scrub with harsh chemicals it can strip your skin.

Let's be honest you can get all the facial and body treatments done professionally but you want to ensure you are continuing the at home care so you can continue to see progress. A lot of the common skin issues we deal with are more so due to the lack of daily skincare routine. Just soap and water will not solve your issues.

  • Makes your skin look youthful, fresh, and rejuvenated.
  • Your skin is able to absorb the needed moisture from products. ​

*Tip* Ideally the best scrub is one that acts as both a gentle exfoliant and moisturizer at the same time!

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